Recruitment Process

“Our advantage is our extensive knowledge of the trade. We understand candidates enabling us to send the right candidates quickly and save you time.”

As a company we are able to work vacancies by understanding the requirements of your business, we can be relied on to supply quality candidates whilst making the process as seamless as possible. When we submit candidates, you can trust in us to know the candidates have been fully vetted, we believe they will work well with you and the candidates under- stands the role in full. Recruitment is something we are passionate about and we continue to improve every day.



1. Understanding the opportunity

Upon receiving the vacancy, we will liaise with all the hiring Managers to understand the in-depth details.

2. Advertising the Vacancy

The role is then advertised on all major web portals, on our website and via our various social streams.

3. Vetting Process

We go through the CV and history to make sure there is nothing to unearth and importantly they have all the right credentials.

4. Submitting the CV's

We will aim to supply a number of quality CV’s per vacancy. (Generally 3 to 4) All the candidates will have all the skills required to do the role.

4a. Information we send

They will supply a detailed overview of the candidates and their abilities with all the information including full name, right to work, driving licences, qualifications, notice period, salary, interview availability.

4b. Candidate

Candidates also receive a full breakdown of the role, company benefits, and we make sure they are kept fully up to date.

5. Next Stage

We will then liaise with all parties to secure the interview in a timely manner which works for all parties

6. Feedback

We strive to deliver quality and timely feedback for both clients and candidates.

7. Offer Stage & Starting

We will forward on all the required documents needed for starting, arrange a start date and liaise with all parties to make sure the process is seamless.





Candidate Attraction

Being in recruitment this is the most important element of what we do so it’s in our interest to be ahead of the competition and recruit before you come to us. Although we use all the major portals and utilise social media, we are big on building lasting relationships with candidates which in turn brings candidates to us that aren’t on the ‘active’ market.

Within recruitment you are always recruiting even when you don’t have a vacancy to fill. We understand vacancies can arise at any time so it’s essential to have a fluid process and secure candidates before a vacancy needs to be filled.


- Database – with tens of thousands of relevant candidates

- Web portals – various leading recruitment websites and independent motor trade sites

- Marketing & Email marketing – marketing vacancies to hit a large audience

Word of mouth

Contact – working closely with the candidates & clients in the market

Referrals – building trust in our work

Our website –

Google spend


Social Media