Advice for moving jobs

Are you ready to move?
If you are reading this page then the answer is yes!!
The biggest advice we can give at this stage is find a job that utilises your skillset, work with the right recruiter, understand all aspects of the job, you can work with the hiring manager, do your research on the company and remember the reason you are looking for a new role. We say this as no doubt your current employer will try convincing you to stay but the majority of people that decide to stay always regret their decision. Often money is a big factor in changing jobs but you have to remember there is always more to it. Changing jobs is always a big decision so make sure you remember the reasons for moving and how this will be better for you in the long run.

Creating your CV
Please check our CV tips page, click HERE for all the details you need

Apply for the right jobs
Before applying for a new job, think about the reasons you are looking for a new role; often the reasons are money, working patterns, working hours, issues with the current company / management, looking for progression and commute. Decide the reasons and define your search based on this. Always be honest with the hiring managers and recruiters.

Making the time to interview and see potential employers
At this stage you have applied to roles that suit you and the employer likes the look of your CV. Always make time to see the managers, don’t book interviews based on your current role. We would advise booking time off work and fitting in a few interviews. You can’t take holidays with you so don’t worry about taking time off. Being away from work and putting yourself in ‘interview mode’ this will give you the best opportunity to interview well and get the right offer on the table.

Getting your CV out to the market
Once you are happy with your CV, get it on the market so you can look at all your options. Speak to recruiters and make sure you utilise all the different CV websites. Always update your CV first before sending out making sure your work history is fully up to date and all contact details including full home address (Important to calculate commute to work).
What are you looking for?
Have a good think about what you want to do, location and money you require. Get this clear before looking and you can’t go wrong.

The bane of a Recruitment Consultants life! You have gone through 2 interviews and assessments yet at the last minute you have been offered that new position.

The simple fact is 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t works out! As mentioned previously there are many more factors to moving and an increase in salary doesn’t cover all these. The problems wont change because of the pay packet so, although money is key, make sure you take into account what you will be doing on a day to day basis. Discuss with family and your recruiter to make a balanced decision.