General Tips


Looking for a new job shouldn’t be a pain, there are difficult decisions to make but this is just part of life. You have decided to look for a new role and this is something you need to commit to.

Is your CV right? Please check our CV tips page for all the details you need

Are you ready to move? If its time then let’s find you a new job!

Apply for the right jobs – Just because you think you are better than your boss doesn’t mean you are. People very rarely move for a promotion so look at moving for a similar position with an employer that can offer more opportunities. If you are confident in getting that new role then be sensible and find the next step. We all want more money but doubling you money overnight and suddenly managing the big dealership down the road isn’t going to happen unless you have the experience & skills.

Getting your CV out to the market

Once you are happy with your CV, get it on the market so you can look at all your options. Email it to recruiters, put it on the different CV websites (making sure you fully update all your details) and speak to people you know

Why are you looking for a new role

Think about why you are looking for a new position; new challenge? Closer to home? More money? More prospects? Better benefits? Need to move due to working environment?

Remember this and write this down, often people are counter offered and decide to stay as it’s a ‘safe pair of hands’ but the reasons for looking in the first place haven’t changed.

Decide what you want and aim for it so if you are looking for something closer to home, don’t look at something the same distance but more money as the distance hasn’t changed!

What are you looking for? Have a good think about what you want to do, locations and money you are looking for.

Make the move!! – Due to the upturn in the market everyone is looking recruiting, that includes your present employers. Remember why you are looking and don’t let a counter offer get in the way.

Counter offer – The bane of a recruitment consultant’s life! You have gone through 2 interviews and assessments yet at the last minute you have been offered that new position.

Believe or not the reason why we try to convince you not to take the counter offer isn’t due to commission. The simple fact is it never works out! Your boss now thinks he has you for life in that role, the wage rise they promised doesn’t happen, you had the cheek to look for a new job so you won’t be considered in the future, distance hasn’t changed and you have most likely blown your chance with the potential new employer.

Talk to your recruiter and remember your original reason for leaving!