About us


Over the years we have built up an outstanding reputation for delivering results, all done by recruiting properly. We stick to the basics and follow them step by step in a professional manner.

  • Build a close relationship with clients
  • Receive vacancies
  • Source candidates – fully vet the candidate
  • Send only relevant candidates
  • Secure an interview
  • See the candidate through to start date & beyond.

Our aim is to make the recruitment process as seamless as possible for all parties as we understand that recruitment gets in the way of the day job. Our process means that everybody can benefit from the service provided.

It’s vital to build strong relationships with HR, line managers and various company managers to make sure we understand every aspects of any vacancy. This way we can make sure that every candidate we send will be suitable and in with a good chance of securing a role.

Having spent many years building the company we now have a large portfolio of quality candidates and clients, which means we are in a fantastic position to deliver the standards and expectations everyone desires. This all may sound a little cheesy but something we truly believe in and feel passionate about.

Sticking to these foundations have built a strong company and taught us ‘best practise’ and we are committed to delivering it. 

History & Future

Octane Recruitment was started in 2009 set to specialise in the Automotive / Motor trade. Dealing with all sorts of sectors from Car Dealerships, HGV companies, Fleet, large independents, body shops and any other related company.

The company was set up by Andrew Hodson & Rik Baynes who have previously worked together for a number of years. Both understand the Automotive industry and saw an opportunity to set up a company with strong ethics to deliver a professional service where others weren’t. This mixed with a proven background in recruitment and strong ethics mean they have been able to pass on knowledge and experience to the consultants who then deliver the same Octane experience. 

Year on year the company has grown through reputation and hard work. Our dedicated recruiters now look after different areas managing clients and candidates alike.

Growing naturally, our goals and ethics have never changed and never will